The internet, two presidents, Tinder, Grinder, Facebook, drone warfare, Isis and the Arab spring. That’s what singer Josh Pearson reckons have come into existence in the 15 years since three piece Texan band Lift to Experience last played, although by his own admission that’s by no means an exhaustive list.

The band sound great, picking up right where they left off a decade and a half ago, which for the uninitiated is the sound a shoe gaze band would put out if they had spent years reading the Bible cover to cover and lived in the deep south of America. All swirling riffs and reverb, the wall of noise that the band put out seems completely impenetrable, aside from the moments when Pearson’s biblical vocals part it like the Red Sea, seeming to leave an eerie silence in their wake before the waves come crashing down once more.

Pearson joked at one point that the reason they couldn’t play their whole album was because they hadn’t had enough time to practice, but they still managed to squeeze in the beginnings of a new song in the encore, which was accurately described by the band as “fucking sexy” and got a crowd response bordering on hysterical (they have been kept waiting for quite a while after all). Basically Lift to Experience put on an absolutely stellar show, and I’d urge anyone given the chance to take the bands advice and “follow them into Texas and the promised land”.

Originally published on the Southbank Centre blog as part of the Meltdown Festival Young Journalists scheme.


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