The Green Door Store is a small, dark venue, and The Rocking Horse Club are the kind of band that thrive in small, dark venues, wearing flannel shirts and playing grunge like it never went out of fashion. Not that this is a bad thing, with the grunge sound being given a handful of amphetamines and told to get on with it, resulting in a combination of screaming guitars and noise that’s enough to convert even the most disinterested of audiences. The group’s songwriting is a perfect complement to this, with the vocals actually audible above the reverb (other bands take note, it’s nice to be able to hear the lyrics sometimes) and the lyrics sounding like pages out of an angsty teenager’s diary, although I don’t think I could write quite as well when I was 15, so I assume the band haven’t been raiding kids memory boxes for inspiration. Special mention has to go to their tribute to Abba, the original pioneers of hard rock I’m sure you’d have to agree.

This sound is helped along by the stage presence of the band, especially bassist Vicky, who took front and centre and gave off the feeling that even if nobody had bothered turning up, she’d still be loving every second of it. It’s nice for a band to be such a complete package, rather than the vocalist standing centre stage and expecting everyone else to fall in behind them and hell, even the drummer was visible, so you can tell they’re serious about band equality.

What I’m getting at here is that Rocking horse club sound like Nirvana would have done if they’d had a serious speed habit and slightly less tragedy, and if that doesn’t convince you to give them a listen I don’t know what will (but seriously, do give them a listen).

You can check them out on Soundcloud:

They’re also on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and exist in real life, what a treat.


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