Fresh off of the back of their appearance on the soundtrack to Hollywood film “Nerve”, Sweetmates played a free (and extremely hot) set at Brighton’s Green Door Store.

Although an indie guitar outfit at first glance, keys player/producer Dec’s electronic input moves the band away from the genre into pretty much uncharted territory. The resurgence of house and electronic music in the past few years has clearly had an impact on the band, but an otherwise traditional setup of Guitar/Vocals/Bass/Drums helps to ground them. Sweetmates are a live band with an electric twist, not a DJ act that has decided to incorporate some instruments to help their live show.

Second track ‘I Tried To Be Your Girl’ is a highlight, but the band are all smiles and questionable dance moves throughout the night. Sweetmates clearly love to play, and it’s this passion coupled with some absolutely incredible music that makes their live show such a pleasure to watch. A new track is debuted mid-set, with singer and guitarist Sam apologising for the lack of name, saying: “We only wrote this yesterday.” Bassist Callum chips in with a suggested title, and ‘Woof’ is duly given a live baptism.

Sweetmates really aren’t like anyone else out there, blending driving electronic beats with a shamelessly pop-indie live sound to create something that’s not only unique, but also very, very good. Check them out on Soundcloud:, you won’t regret it.


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